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Roger Vargas

Porto do Calhau
Português, Inglês

I was born on Faial Island in 1977, where I grew up with a deep passion for the ocean. I started fishing at a young age, gaining experience in many traditional fishing activities, from small wooden boats to the bigger tuna fishing vessels. Also freediving and sustainable spearfishing became popular activities. Nine years ago I moved From Faial to Pico Island , leaving my desk job at the local goverment, and iniciating my adventure to try to live my dream. I started to work as a skipper for a local whale watching and dolphin swimming organisation and diving school. Here I had the opportunity to participate in the training of “shark diving guide” with Dr. Eric Ritter and a Wild Whale and Dolphin workshop with Dr. Ingrid Visser. At the same time I worked a part-time contract with the fisheries program at the University of the Azores as a sampler at the fish auction, gaining knowledge of all fishing activities conducted around the islands. I completed the course “Maritime Tour Operator” at the University of the Azores, where I obtained Portugal’s highest qualification of “Patrão de Alto Mar” (freely translated as Ocean Skipper) and “Dive Master”, which includes subjects as meteorology, oceanography, legislation, safety, basic life support and others. My experiences and passion for the ocean led me to buy my own fishing boat to earn my living. And I decided to initiate a project allowing visitors to the Azores to join in a traditional fishing activity, to have a unique experience learning about the ocean and Azorean traditions. I now also have the opportunity to receive visitors at my “Casa do Cais,Casa do Guardião and Deck”, my ocean house and tourism places, where people have a wonderful base for a fantastic holiday right on the ocean front. Be welcome please and make yourself at home!

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