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Terms and Conditions

1. All MEMBER or USER accepts without reservation, the content of these terms and conditions of use.

1.1. All MEMBER or USER accepts that their personal data are recorded on the AZOREN ROOMS website, and that MEMBERS or USERS may remove their data at any time, if they so wish.

2. AZOREAN ROOMS aims to establish a meeting space between people with Rooms, Houses, Tents, Bungalows, Boats or Apartments for rent and those looking for accommodation.

3. Every USER registered with AZOREAN ROOMS is designated MEMBER.

4. The MEMBER of AZOREAN ROOMS undertakes to submit true and accurate information about himself in the available registration form.

5. THE MEMBER of AZOREAN ROOMS undertakes not to place in your advertisement information or images:

  • 5.1. intellectual property rights, industrial property, business or contractual secrets, among others.
  • 5.2. which reveal illicit purposes or which directly or indirectly threaten the values ​​and dignity of persons, in accordance with national and international standards for the protection of human rights.
  • 5.3. against AZOREAN ROOMS or third parties.

6. The MEMBER or USER undertakes to use the services and content provided to him by AZOREAN ROOMS complying with the Law, in good faith and maintaining public order through his behavior on the Internet.

7. By becoming a MEMBER of AZOREAN ROOMS, you hereby expressly authorize the storage, communication and interconnection of your data.

8. Any MEMBER has access to the information, updating and removal of its data stored and processed by AZOREAN ROOMS.

9. AZOREAN ROOMS does not share data with other companies.

10. AZOREAN ROOMS reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and may modify its content or delete it if it is inappropriate or misfit.

11. The entire MEMBER shall be excluded if it is evident that it has a fraudulent, unfounded Advertising or reveals the intention to harass or deceive our users or employees.

12. AZOREAN ROOMS reserves the right at any time or in any circumstance, and without prior notice, to exclude MEMBERS who do not comply in whole or in part with any of these conditions of use.

13. The MEMBER excluded due to the indicated reasons will not be reacted and will not be entitled to any type of compensation.

14. AZOREAN ROOMS does not refund active or unactivated subscriptions.

15. AZOREAN ROOMS does not perform real estate mediation and does not act as representative or manager of any advertisement or MEMBER.

16. AZOREAN ROOMS is not responsible for the individual or financial conduct of its MEMBERS.

18. AZOREAN ROOMS does not guarantee that GUESTS can pay the requested amounts or have a room or apartment available.

19. AZOREAN ROOMS shall not be liable for any damages resulting from improper choices, behavior of its MEMBERS or any other type.

20. AZOREAN ROOMS makes no representations or warranties with regard to the advertisements displayed and is not liable for any errors or omissions contained therein.

21. Regarding the functioning of its web pages, AZOREAN ROOMS does not guarantee the continuity of its access, as well as the inexistence of technical or other problems, and can not be held responsible for any damages or losses that may derive from them.

22. AZOREAN ROOMS includes within its content links to websites belonging to third parties. AZOREAN ROOMS assumes no responsibility for content outside of its web space or any mention of contents external to this website.

23. AZOREAN ROOMS does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to AZOREAN ROOMS, or its services and contents.

24. AZOREAN ROOMS owns all rights to suggestions, ideas, comments and concepts of any kind having the right to unrestricted use thereof without any compensation or payment to the provider (s) thereof ( s).

25. These terms and conditions may be changed without notice, and the MEMBER or USER will be responsible for regularly informing them. For effective control, this document includes the date of the last update.


27. Any breach of the above-mentioned points may give rise to extrajudicial or judicial proceedings of a civil and / or criminal nature.

28. These terms and conditions are governed by Portuguese law. For all issues arising from the provision of services by AZOREAN ROOMS, its contents and non-compliance with these clauses, the jurisdiction of the Horta District shall be competent, expressly renouncing any other.

Updated 04/16/2018

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